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Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Update on 3rd & 4th Avenue Project

All piping has been installed, pressure tested and is in service. The contractor is finishing up the groundwork and pavement should be complete by end of this week. We appreciate your cooperation and patience.

Painting of Fire Hydrants

Please be advised that the Madawaska Water District plans to undertake an ongoing annual project to repaint some of our hydrants during the summer. The goal is to evenually have all of our hydrants painted red with the hydrant caps painted different colors (blue, green, orange or red) signifying the available flow for each hydrant. This will be very useful information for our Fire Department. We respectfully ask that the public refrain from painting hydrants going forward (without prior approval from the District) and PLEASE DO NOT paint over freshly painted hydrants.

Update on the 3rd & 4th Avenue Project

As of 10:35am today (5/4) water service on 4th avenue has been shut down.  Connection of new pipe to the existing main line will be happening shortly, and we hope to have water service restored to our 4th avenue customers by early to mid afternoon.  Please call the office at 728-3859 for any questions regarding this project.

Update on the 3rd & 4th Avenue Project

The pipe connection has been made on 3rd avenue.  The construction crew is now working on laying pipe towards 4th avenue.  We do not expect to be shutting down water service to our 4th avenue customers today.  Please call the office at 728-3859 with any questions regarding this project.

Update on 3rd & 4th Avenue Project

Digging was suspended yesterday (5/1) due to rain, and has resumed today (5/2).  For our customers who live on 3rd or 4th avenue, you could expect loss of water at some point during the day today.  Please call the Water District Office at 728-3859 for any questions regarding this project or otherwise.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

3rd/4th Avenue Interconnection Project

During the week of May 1st the Water District and its contractor, Ed Pelletier & Sons, will be installing a new water main interconnection between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue.

At some point during the construction the water main near the construction will need to be shut down. During that time, some customer's service will be interrupted.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we continue to improve our distribution system.

As we make progress during the construction, feel free to call the office for updates.

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