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Licensing Assures Professionalism

The Maine Board of Licensure of Water System Operators assures licensed water operators have attained knowledge through a combination of education, experience and written examination to successfully operate water systems.  The Board's license renewal process encourages operators to continue to gain knowledge of present day technologies and practices.  Licensed operators are required to meet the profesional growth requirements to remain licensed.   This is accomplished through taking training during the license cycle. This training is reported in the form of Training Contact Hours or TCH. 1 hour = 1 TCH

Business Personnel

Superintendent Steve Bechard  
Office Manager Samuel Cyr  
Office Assistant Dicsie Gullick  

Operations Personnel

Class 4 Operator Steve Bechard  
Class 2 Operator Mathew Hebert  
Class 2 Operator Jeffrey Chasse  
Class 3 Operator Samuel Cyr